Our Company

The Australian Aboriginal art culture has inspired our company logo . It is represented by a circle with concentric multicoloured dots. In aboriginal culture the circle is a pictorial representation of a child. The circle is also a universal representation of the cycle of life which is symbolic of the womb and its embodiment to mother nature. The multicoloured dots is depicted as the enrichment of the life forces of nature and gifts from the elements of our earth.
Baby Organique incorporates this philosophy in the creation of environmentally responsible products that harness the power of nature. These quality products have been carefully researched using sustainably sourced natural plant based ingredients.

Baby Organique

is founded on the principle of tradition. Our products are inspired by centuries old methods used by the traditional custodians of our land – Aboriginal Australians. We use only the purest, organic, plant-based ingredients, extracted directly from bosom of Mother Nature, to ensure your baby receives the best in skin care.

Our Ethics –

Our wild harvested extracts are sourced through fair-trade, eco-sustainable suppliers using cutting edge extraction technology, established science and proven research methods.

We believe no innocent creatures should be harmed in the production process – we are strongly against animal testing.

Solidarity –

Our team is passionate about social issues. We recognise the harsh injustices imposed on Aboriginal Australians in the past, and the resulting current gap in health outcomes. The current life expectancy of Aboriginal Australians is a whole decade less than non-Aboriginal Australians! As such, in respect of their legacy, every purchase of one of our products will contribute to help bridge this gap.

Our products are proudly made in Australia for Australians!